Fészek Theatre is a theatrical company that has been operating for ten years while trying to break through the barriers of traditional drama and pedagogy.

Our pedagogic goal is to urge the generation of secondary school students - teenagers - get to know themselves as much as possible through the help of drama and stage adaptation of plays. We want to encourage them to accept the world as is. During their adolescent period we employ entertaining methods that help them increase their confidence while turning into young adults.

Another branch of Fészek Theatre consists of a group of members who have grown out of the student theatre. This group, which has been working together for the last three years, prefers the type of community acting that deals with reality through the power of words and the problems of the present. The theatre's aim is to experiment with innovate theatrical language as well as to examine and use widely known theatrical traditions, such as life experience and arts which are in connection with theatre. We do all this in Central Europe, with confidence and a positive vision of the future.

We make theatre about the world for Hungarians.

And for the world in Hungarian.